Healthcare Bill Defeat

Let me be clear, I am THRILLED the Senate GOP’s latest attempt to “fix the ACA” failed. I’m here in Washington and was with Elizabeth Warren earlier in the day.

I am very thankful for Senators Collins and Murkowski for their long, principled stand for their constituents. I am thankful that Senator McCain followed up on the message of his speech earlier in the week during the motion to proceed vote that if Senate Leadership did not deliver a viable option, he would vote no.

But please understand that despite the people of America winning this current battle, the war is long from over. In order to pass the tax cuts for the wealthy that they want to pass so badly, they need to get the money from somewhere. Cutting this is a big piece required to pass their plan. They will not walk away from this fight. They’re going to come back in some other way, likely with little warning.

Be vigilant, continue to stand together to amplify our voices, and make sure you support those of us working hard to overturn their majorities in Congress so we can stop the assault on the ACA and move towards single-payer or at the very least a strong public option such as Medicare for all.


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