There is No Moral Ambiguity

To hear the leader of our great nation, Donald Trump, yet again defend the worst of our nation; unapologetic white supremacists, is disgusting. It completely underscores the fact that he once again proves that he is wholly unfit to serve as President of the United States. There can be no equivocation when it comes to white supremacy. It is evil and the real leaders of this nation have always understood this. From Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama, our presidents, democrat and republican, have made very clear that hate and bigotry have no place at the table in this country. 

I implore Republican leaders, including my opponent Patrick McHenry, to not merely speak pious, generalities about racism and hate, but wholly condemn Donald Trump for his inablitity to disavow white supremacy.  I believe some things are beyond party and allowing Donald Trump to continue with his hateful agenda whether because of party loyalty or political expediency is completely unacceptable. I know there are people of good will in both parties who truly want what is best for this country. But any respect I have for the other party is rapidly fading as they refuse to stand up and say enough is enough. To defend this man at this point will prove to be the downfall to a once great party.  While I have largely disagreed with republican policies and how they define what the American dream is, I have, until now never thought they were anything but honorable and ready to defend the basic tenets American democracy. But that is currently in doubt. Now is an opportunity for my opponent and his colleagues to act for the good of the country and stand up to the President and refuse to allow him to take us down this very dangerous path toward authoritarianism.

America fought a great war and lost many brave men and women fighting against fascism. It is not ok to support those who continue to believe in these evil ideals, especially when it is president of this United States. Until we address the poison at the very top levels of our government we will continue to slide down the road to authoritarian rule. America is a great nation. We have not always lived up to our ideals, but we have been prodded along by visionary leaders from all walks of life who paved the way to a better day by their leadership. We cannot allow America to continue down this road. Who are the leaders for this time? We are awaiting your response. Republican leaders, we are waiting. Rep. McHenry, we are waiting. We are waiting for you to do the right thing. Will you?

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