Why I’m Running

Every day we’re hearing about more things coming out of the Trump administration that in the past were unthinkable. This is our reality now. Instead of worrying about whether our kids will eventually get into a good college or find a good job we’re worried about whether we’re going to enter into a new world war. We’re worried about our neighbors and our friends, those who don’t look like us or carry the privileges we have. We’re seeing this administration target minority groups in ways that make us less safe and less free as citizens and as a nation. This is not the America I know.

I have met many people across party and demographic lines from the district in the short time I’ve been campaigning. I’ve met people who care about many diverse issues. Coal ash and affordable college. Gun control and gerrymandering. Free press and free speech. Healthcare and higher wages. Voter suppression and taking care of our veterans. We may disagree on how we address these issues, but one thing unites us; we all care. We care about the future of our families, our district, and our country.

I want to defeat Patrick McHenry. But that will require resources. We need your help. We need volunteers and we need contributions. I want the backbone of my campaign to be the individual citizens who are compelled to support the change they desire. But a blanket stand against corporate money is not representative of our district. Corporations are not just the mega-corporations who refuse to provide living wages and work to destroy our labor unions, stifling our middle class. Corporations include small businesses. They’re not the 1%. They’re hard-working Americans who have built something that contributes to the communities where they do business.

I’m not an establishment politician. I don’t come from money nor do I have big donors backing my campaign. The way I talk about making corporations pay their fair share of taxes is not going to win me big corporate dollars. But if I made a pledge of no corporate dollars, I’d be a liar if I later took money from a small business in our district who agreed with our progressive message that includes putting the needs of small businesses above massive subsidies to big corporations.

I support public funding for elections.  I believe in forcing our representatives to compete on an even playing field so that if they fail to serve the people they represent, a challenger has a fair opportunity to defeat them.  Big money should not be able to have a finger on the scales of electoral justice. I believe in overturning Citizens United. I hope, in office, I can be a leader in making those changes happen. But that is not the system that we have today and we’re in a David versus Goliath fight for the soul of our country.

I have been taking the time to get to know the people of our district- what matters most to them, what their concerns are. I have supported those candidates in municipal elections that offer an agenda of progress. When I get the opportunity to meet with citizens, I spend more time taking questions and listening than I do talking. I passionately want to represent all of the people in the district.

Right now we have a representative who does not represent the interests of the people of the district. He says that he’s “proud” to further Trump’s dangerous domestic and foreign policy agenda. He voted against quality healthcare, against protections for our environment, and against common sense gun control. He does this because he’s been paid to represent the interests of his donors whose interests directly conflict with the interests of his constituents. He doesn’t care.

I promise to remain a true representative of the people of this district. I promise to only accept funding from persons and groups that do not conflict with the best interests of this district. I promise to fight every day for a progressive agenda that will lift up our district and not line the pockets of the most affluent in this country. I hope you will support me and join in this fight. And I look forward to continuing to get to know you and listening to your concerns. We can only win if we unite behind our common goals. Apathy and passivity can no longer be what defines us. If we truly care about moving forward and prospering as a country and a district we must fight, we must resist. We are in this together. We must fight and win for District 10 and for our future as a nation. Together, we can take back our district and our future.

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