PRESS: Gaston Gazette – Democratic Congressional Candidate Emerges from McAdenville

“When I look at the things Republicans are voting on again and again, they are against working class people who are just trying to get by,” he said. “They use the politics of fear to keep people from getting ahead.”

“I think we’re at a turning point in this next election where people are going to wake up and see that Republicans have used these fringe issues, that don’t affect people’s daily lives, to make voters think they care about what’s best for them.”

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About Healthcare: Healthcare Should Be a Right

Last week, I had a bit of a Twitter rant thread after reading some posts by Senator John Cornyn:

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Do you think Healthcare is a right? It is not spelled out as such in our Constitution. Why is that?

We’ve been doing research on doctors during that period of time. First, they clearly had a lot less knowledge then than we do now. In the 240+ years since the American Revolution began, the knowledge that we have discovered is incalculable.

For example, here are just a few of the major medical advancements in the first two hundred years of our nation:

1796 – Experiments with a means to protect against smallpox lead to the discovery of vaccines.

1842-6 – First implementation of anesthesia.

1870 – The establishment of the germ theory of disease.

1895 – Discovery of X-Rays.

1901 – Discovery of blood types.

1953 – Discovery of DNA.

1955 – Development of the Polio Vaccine.

1967 – First successful human heart transplant.

Back in frontier days, “rural settlers often had nothing to pay with except the fruits of their labor. Doctors would commonly be paid in cord wood, produce, meat, eggs, blankets or other items of value.” But treatment was never withheld due to lack of means. A family was just expected to pay what they could.

So a combination of little knowledge, and therefore few options, plus a doctor’s Hippocratic Oath made enumerating the right a moot point. In a sense, we started with universal healthcare if you lived near a doctor.

In the time since then, medical care has become a major money-making segment of our economy. Many people are employed by the industry and there are major profits made by corporations in the medical industry. It will not be an easy process to rework it without risking many jobs and without major lobbying resistance.

We’ve made so many advances in medical science, but much of that innovation has come in the US due to the investment by the capitalist model of medicine. Does that mean that innovation and discovery are stifled in a universal healthcare system? Studies suggest that would not be so, with proper funding of research by the government.

One of the biggest obstacles to universal healthcare in the US is how Republicans have formed the idea that choice equals freedom. If you lose choices, you lose some of your liberty. Just look at the Cruz amendment to the BCRA, being called the “Consumer Freedom Option”. But that is a perspective of privilege. Working class people often have no good choices – either have insurance that is very expensive or don’t and risk potentially suffering from that lack of it.

So the question remains: Is healthcare a right in the US? I believe so, but our current for-profit model will need to be dramatically reworked to achieve what we deserve – universal healthcare, covering every US citizen. As we get to that place, we must shore up the ACA in order to keep the most vulnerable covered as we make the major changes to get to the place where we cover every American, by right.

I plan to follow this article up with one that will address the ACA, including what needs to be done to fix it in the short term, and another about how we can get to our final destination of universal healthcare.

PRESS: Asheville Citizen-Times covers DWB’s candidacy announcement

“We’ve had a slow recovery from the recession. … People in our district are still suffering from it,” (David Wilson Brown) said. The wealthy, Brown said, have “taken the lion’s share of that recovery and have just gotten wealthier.”

He said he would vote to fix problems with the Affordable Care Act but wants to largely keep it in place.

“Republicans have done everything they could to completely cut it off at the knees,” he said, despite the fact that it is based on ideas first advanced by the GOP.

“The Affordable Care Act was a Republican plan before it was a Democratic plan,” Brown said.

Read the full article here: Opposing Trump propels Gaston man into House race

What Does it Mean to be a Progressive?

I am a Progressive Democrat. A progressive is a person “advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas”. Liberal was once a label people would run from. Liberalism is a “political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties, considering government as a crucial instrument for amelioration of social inequities.” Basically, it’s embracing a philosophy that change can be good as we learn new information that challenges our traditional views.

Teddy Roosevelt, a Progressive Republican, said “there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us” he went on to add that “the health and vitality of our people are at least as well worth conserving as their forests, waters, lands, and minerals, and in this great work the national government must bear a most important part.” This is what we are talking about; this is the core concept that drives me and my reason for running.

Senator Elizabeth Warren tells us that “We’re supposed to build opportunity. This is about our children and our grandchildren. This is about the kind of country we want to be. This is about the kind of people we are.” How very right she is.

DWB is in!


We’re pleased to announce that David Wilson Brown has officially filed his campaign with the FEC, confirming that he will run for the office of US Representative for North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District.

David has been a resident of North Carolina for over 30 years and has been living in the 10th district for over 5 years. He has heard the call to public service:

“I am a husband and a father who is gravely troubled by the direction our nation is going and the legacy we are leaving for our children.  I believe it is time I left the sidelines and help lead, for we are in a time of unprecedented crisis and our current leaders aren’t representing us. Too many people in our district are struggling with employment, access to healthcare, and quality education. We can do so much more together than apart.”


David is passionate about stopping climate change, stopping the erosion of our voting rights, and providing for the future of our nation with better access to quality education for its people.

In the days, weeks, and months to come, we’ll bring you more information on how you can help David and join him in our progressive vision to help the 10th District.

Let America Be America Again

“The founder’s vision of America is unfortunately still out of reach for many in America. Langston Hughes wrote the poem “Let America Be America Again” in 1935 and it is still a powerful read today.

We need to complete the plan for America, to truly be the home where all can realize their inalienable rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

-David Wilson Brown

Where is North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District?

Asking where is North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District is a legitimate question. Due to rampant redistricting by North Carolina’s General Assembly which have been frequently deemed by the courts to be unconstitutional, the area of the district has changed frequently. In 2016, the most recent changes were applied.


The district now includes all of Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland, Rutherford, & Polk Counties as well as most of Catawba County, about a third of Buncombe County, and a small area of Iredell County.