About the Candidate

David Wilson Brown, Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District of North Carolina, is an IT consultant who is ready to serve.

David with Congresswoman Sue Myrick, Summer 1995 (Photo not intended to imply endorsement)

David has been a resident of North Carolina for over 30 years, attending South Mecklenburg High School and earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications from Appalachian State University in 1996.

While attending school at App State, David interned on Capitol Hill for Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R- NC9). He has maintained his passion for politics, but his career got drawn into other areas related to communications, including a year at WBTV, working in corporate media production, and as a web developer.

Now David is a full-time IT consultant specializing in business productivity as well as a husband to his wife, Barbara, and father to his two kids. It is because of grave concern for the future for his kids that he feels the call of public service once again.

Please consider supporting David’s candidacy in any way you can, whether it is by a donation to his campaign or volunteering. He cannot succeed against such a well-funded incumbent who fails repeatedly to represent the needs of the people of the 5th district without your support.

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