PRESS: Gaston Gazette – Democratic Congressional Candidate Emerges from McAdenville

“When I look at the things Republicans are voting on again and again, they are against working class people who are just trying to get by,” he said. “They use the politics of fear to keep people from getting ahead.”

“I think we’re at a turning point in this next election where people are going to wake up and see that Republicans have used these fringe issues, that don’t affect people’s daily lives, to make voters think they care about what’s best for them.”

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PRESS: Asheville Citizen-Times covers DWB’s candidacy announcement

“We’ve had a slow recovery from the recession. … People in our district are still suffering from it,” (David Wilson Brown) said. The wealthy, Brown said, have “taken the lion’s share of that recovery and have just gotten wealthier.”

He said he would vote to fix problems with the Affordable Care Act but wants to largely keep it in place.

“Republicans have done everything they could to completely cut it off at the knees,” he said, despite the fact that it is based on ideas first advanced by the GOP.

“The Affordable Care Act was a Republican plan before it was a Democratic plan,” Brown said.

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