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When debilitating MS prevented me from pursuing my career as a chemist, I focused my energy on researching healthcare and disability policies and advocacy. Watching my local representatives consistently vote against my interests prompted me to look for a candidate who could better serve our community. I was fortunate to find David Wilson Brown in 2018 and immediately volunteered for his first campaign. David’s passion to fight for the foundational issues of universal healthcare, a fair living wage, funding public education, and equitable human rights for all Americans is inspiring and motivating. I am happy to join him again to run in 2020.

In my years working in the chemical industry, I saw firsthand how important it is to have appropriate regulations to preserve our environment. I’m proud to work with a candidate who will prioritize legislation to combat the climate crisis and ensure that our district and our country can build a talented workforce and establish our place as leaders of innovation in sustainable energy.

Together, we can rise to meet the challenges our community will face in the coming years by electing a progressive candidate for North Carolina’s 5th district.

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Like many others, I was shocked and dismayed after our last presidential election about our changing world. However, as a lifelong volunteer and activist with nonprofits, schools, climate groups, and more, I knew it was time that I get more actively engaged with politics. David Wilson Brown is such a passionate candidate who shares the same values as myself — he is caring, compassionate, and sees value in diversity. He is knowledgeable and someone who is dedicated to seeking positive change for our community! It was an easy fit to jump in and serve as I can.

Last election cycle, I was the Field Organizer for Gaston County. This time, I will be serving as the Field Director. I enjoy helping the campaign as I am able to use my skills as a social worker to engage voters, recruit and train volunteers, and help educate and empower folks to get engaged with politics! I believe that together, anything is possible and I know that when we work together, we win. I look forward to supporting David Wilson Brown to victory in November!

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Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany, Wilkes, Alexander, Catawba, & Caldwell Counties

I am working for David Wilson Brown because the 5th District is my home and the people of this district deserve someone who understands their struggles and is willing to fight for their interest. I was born and raised in Gaston County and graduated from Appalachian State University, where I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Political Science.

On the DWB campaign, I work as a field operative, striving to cultivate relationships between the residents of the 5th district and to better understand the issues that face my community. This role allows me to organize and mobilize like-minded individuals who are striving to improve their communities and their country.

As a lifelong resident of the 5th district, I trust David to enact practical progressive policies that will raise the quality of life for ALL people by empowering and uplifting voices that are often unheard. David’s vision and leadership are uniquely suited to our district because he went to college, worked, and raised his family in our communities. I am proud to be a part of the David Wilson Brown campaign as we fight for a better road forward for our communities and our country.

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Gaston, Cleveland, Rutherford, & Burke Counties

I have lived my entire life in the current 5th Congressional District of North Carolina and have seen first-hand the impact that disastrous policies and a lack of resources can have on our rural economy and healthcare. David Wilson Brown is not a career politician and will fight for issues that are pertinent to his constituents. He will serve the 5th District with honesty and humility.

For the DWB campaign, I am working as a Field Operative to recruit volunteers within the southern communities of the 5th District. I have worked within the healthcare field in my hometown for 3 years and witnessed preventable health disparities that would not exist in more populated areas. Now, I work for the DWB campaign to fight for change within my community and to promote greater advocacy for vulnerable populations.

David Wilson Brown’s progressive ideals seek to go against the norm that our current representatives have instilled over their extended terms in congress. Many are upset with the laws and policies that our representatives enacted that do little to provide support to our rural communities in the 5th District. DWB offers opportunities to provide our district with reform that works FOR the people and NOT for politician’s pockets. I am extremely excited to stand behind David Wilson Brown on Election Day and grateful for the opportunity to work with the campaign to help my own home in the 5th District see long-awaited change.

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When I first heard David Wilson Brown speak at an event hosted by the Western College Democrats, I was awed by his passion for his community and his progressive values. Afterwards, we connected over our shared admiration of Senator Warren, and he invited me to join his fight for progress. David Wilson Brown is fighting to regulate Wall Street, expand Medicare, and transition to a single-payer healthcare system, combat the climate crisis, invest in a debt-free higher education, and much more.

As an 18 year old, I did not expect to be asked to join a campaign for the United States House of Representatives. I believe that the best way to fight for youth and our future is by amplifying our voices, listening to what we have to say, and by letting us join the fight. In this campaign, I work on both political connections and youth engagement. In the past, I have been the President of the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats (2019-2020), interned with the North Carolina Democratic Party, North Carolina Outreach Director for Generation Ratify, and more.

When he is elected, I strongly believe that Mr. Brown will amplify the youth voice and advocate for progressive values. I’m so excited to be a part of this mission: to elect a candidate that will listen and fight for all North Carolinians.

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Growing up in Los Angeles with its diverse culture and socioeconomic divide, I began to recognize from an early age that there were families out there who were struggling just to put food on the table. The basic needs of healthcare and a good education seemed to be a luxury item that were out of reach for too many hard working families and I wondered why.

During my 32 year career within the entertainment industry in creative services, I was introduced to the Venice Family Clinic. There, I became a healthcare volunteer and organizer in fundraising for 17 years and worked alongside other committed volunteers. That experience changed my life forever.

When I first met David Wilson Brown, he was not a candidate although when he spoke up, I listened. What I heard was his commitment and compassion to helping those who were left behind. David Wilson Brown is listening and I promise you that he will work hard to be a voice for all of us, especially the disenfranchised. I am honored to be part of his campaign.


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