Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will David’s campaign accept corporate money?

A: We want this to be a campaign about the issues affecting our district and funded by those in our district. We have received no corporate contributions, nor do we expect to. However, if a small business within the district that agrees with our values and wants to contribute we would encourage such support. There may be individuals and groups outside our district who wish to support us in the face of our very well corporately funded incumbent and we will investigate those sources to the best of our ability in order to ensure their goals and actions reflect the values of this campaign before taking any contributions from them. We want our campaign to be ethical and transparent and will strive to do all we can to make it so.

Q: What area makes up the 10th district of North Carolina?

A: The 10th district is composed of parts of 8 different counties in western NC. All of Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland, Rutherford, and Polk counties as well as the eastern half of Buncombe County, all but three precincts of Catawba County, and a small portion of southwest Iredell County.

Q: Who is the incumbent representative of NC’s 10th?

A: Patrick McHenry has been in office since 2005. He is the Chief Deputy Whip of the House, responsible for securing the votes of Republicans for their agenda.


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