Well-funded public education is the cornerstone of building a successful society that is invested in the future.

Providing quality education should be among government’s highest priorities. Virginia Foxx, like our Secretary of Education, is a big proponent of school voucher programs, programs that take much-needed funds away from public schools and put them in the hands of private institutions. Religious schools receive state money, a clear violation of church/state separation. Public schools need to be strengthened. We need to reaffirm our commitment to educating every child, no matter their circumstances. Every child deserves a chance to succeed.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Republican administration aided by Virginia Foxx wants to force our children back to school without significant plans to protect them and our educators. They have even gone so far as to threaten reduction of funding all in order to protect the President’s re-election chances. This demonstrates the typical Republican disdain for our public school system and proper funding of public schools, stifling the potential for American economic success.

We should reward ground up programs that are successful with financial and logistical support to ensure they continue and grow. We must provide better funding, with an increased focus on paying our teachers a more competitive salary, one which rewards their commitment to our children and provides them the tools they need to help our children succeed. We must also understand that with the emergence of a new economy where automation is transforming how we get things done, we must invest the necessary funds to provide free pre-K for all and debt-free college in order to have a more educated workforce that can compete in a global economy and benefit our tax base.

  • Champion legislation that will make all public school teachers federally tax-exempt positions, keeping more money in the pockets of our underpaid educators.
  • Increase nationwide funding of public school systems and ensure that states retain their level of support and not reduce their funding levels.
  • Fight against taxpayer funding going to private, for-profit schools.