Government Accountability

Government Accountability

I want the people in my district to know that when I am in Washington I am there to serve their interests, not outside interests with deep pockets. That is why I have proposed the Congressional Accountability and Transparency Pledge:

As a Candidate, I will:

  • Not accept Corporate PAC money to my campaign.
  • Frequently hold publicly accessible in-person town hall meetings throughout the district to hear concerns from voters.
  • Make myself available for no less than three debates with any general election opponents and at least one for a contested primary.

As a Member of Congress, I will:

  • Share my office meeting logs online for my constituents to see.
  • Require any lobbyist not representing an interest within my district to bring a constituent of mine with them to a meeting with me. My office will maintain a list of constituents willing to entertain their inquires and travel to DC. No compensation should be exchanged for this other than covering basic travel expenses.
  • Release a weekly address to my district while Congress is in session detailing:
    • What the House did last week
    • What the House has on its agenda for this week
    • What I feel are hindrances to delivering the best result for our district.
  • Hold publicly accessible in-person town hall meetings throughout the district every House recess period of a week or more.
  • Place my family‚Äôs savings into a blind trust and accept no funds from the U.S. government (other than my earned paycheck) or funds from the governments of any state or local municipality during the period of my tenure.