Jobs & the Economy

Jobs & the Economy

Every American that is able to work should have a job that affords them an adequate living to pursue happiness.

The economy is rapidly changing. Increased technology and automation are changing the skill set needed to compete in today’s job market. As certain jobs become obsolete, we must provide adequate training to equip the workforce with the ability to perform the tasks necessary to move America forward and grow the economy. We must be prepared to staff the jobs of tomorrow.

During the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt established massive jobs initiatives that enabled the country to go back to work and end the economic catastrophe created when the stock market crashed in 1929. Roosevelt put in place protections and regulations to ensure it never happened again. We need to invest in a modern Works Progress Act (WPA)/Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) that will revitalize our infrastructure, conserve our natural resources, establish new renewable energy initiatives, and provide access to technology for all our people.

We must also strengthen regulation of Wall Street so that we are protected from business practices that place profits over people. Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing profitable companies that then turn around and pay little to nothing in taxes at the expense of workers. Our government has the responsibility to provide critical services and it can be a massive job creator. America has come together and built big things in the past. We can do so again.

  • Support the policies referred to as a “Green New Deal” in bringing free market solutions to address environmental concerns with the support from the Federal government.
  • A guaranteed living wage for every American citizen no matter the work that they do.
  • Support small business growth by reallocating payroll taxes to a more just system reflective of sales and expanding government backed startup loans with a 3 year deferment of repayment.
  • Increased spending on job retraining, ensuring easiest transition to new jobs for those displaced by technological shifts and globalization.
  • Expand funding for technical colleges and expand funding support for apprenticeships.