On the Issues

Jobs & the Economy
The economy is rapidly changing due to increasingly advanced technology. We must provide training for all Americans for the jobs of tomorrow. The federal government must resist against privatization so taxpayers are not paying for the profits of companies providing critical services. We need to invest in a modern WPA/CCC that will revitalize our infrastructure, conserve our natural resources, establish new renewable energy initiatives, and provide access to technology for all our people.

Voting Rights
Voting is a sacred right of all American citizens of voting age. Voter suppression is one of the most anti-American actions ever. We should enact automatic voter registration at the age of eligibility. A voter registration card should be easily obtainable and be the only thing necessary to vote. All voters, of any means, should be given the opportunity to vote. Election Day should be a national holiday and no voter should ever have to give up their right to vote because of lack of access or financial need. Gerrymandering is a form of voter suppression. Political districting should be overseen by truly independent commissions, based on computer generated models that promote fair representation, not based on party or incumbent protectionism.

Our very existence on this planet is threatened by policies that amount to blatant ignorance of the facts of climate change. We cannot have a federal government that denies human-caused climate change is a disaster for our future. We must make MAJOR steps to ensure future generations have a planet to live on. It is not an exaggeration that we are already seeing signs of permanent changes to our ecosystems that threaten humankind’s very existence. It is possible that we can make positive changes to slow or even reverse the damage and that those changes can come at a positive economic impact and not a burden to our corporations and our daily lives.
NASA: Causes for Climate Change
Human Contribution to Climate Change

Providing quality education should be among a government’s highest priorities to its people. We should reward ground up programs that are successful with financial and logistical support to continue and grow. We must provide better funding for our schools, with an increased focus on paying our teachers a more competitive salary that rewards their commitment to our children and provides for them the tools they need to help our children succeed. With the emergence of a new economy where automation is transforming our workforce, we must have the means to provide debt-free college options to have a more educated workforce, who can compete in a global economy and will benefit our tax base.

Life should be an unalienable right, not a privilege. We should seek to enshrine the right of every American to quality healthcare and look to have a public option to provide an affordable option for all at a minimum. No person should ever have to make a choice about a loved one based on a monetary concern, nor should those choices bankrupt them, denying their ability to pursue happiness.

Human Rights
Protecting our people is the cornerstone of a government’s duties. All of its people, including minorities of any race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation deserve full rights and protections under the law.

We can put into place policies that dramatically decrease the need for abortions without ever restricting the rights of women to have control over their own bodies. Accessible women’s healthcare, including access to contraceptives, as well as education can be part of the solution.

It is our patriotic duty to pay for the government that provides services that cannot be based on a for-profit model. Taxes should be simple and based on progressive rates.
We cannot trust in a system that expects the wealthy to trickle down their earnings to the lower classes. Fair, progressive tax rates reflect the cost of earning wealth in a free country with ample opportunities to succeed. We can have a lower overall corporate tax rate but eliminate every loophole and subsidy. No more corporate welfare.

Free & Open Internet
The internet has become an essential tool for modern life. Access to data is necessary for everything from banking to job seeking to manage medical care and more. We need unfettered access for all as we now have to continue and for those with fewer means to afford internet service, we need to offer tax rebates. We need to deliver broadband access even in rural areas and public-private partnerships. We need to avoid regulations that favor big corporations.

Cyber Security
We are in the midst of a completely different modern war than anything else we have experienced. We must mobilize forces to combat this war against foreign and domestic operations. We must hold companies responsible for not sufficiently working to protect their clients’ data.

Gun Rights
The Second Amendment provides the right to bear arms, but some are quick to dismiss the “well-regulated” part. Recent polls show 94% of Americans are in favor of background checks for all gun purchases. There must be a way that responsible gun owners can come up with a policy that provides that while still maintaining the American right.

Religious Freedom
Religious freedom should not be used as an excuse to discriminate or allow some to apply their religious tenets upon others. It is a means to make sure that every American has the right to worship as they choose.

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